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Omni Umbrella

$79.99 $239.99

Self-Defense Umbrella Is Legal And Discreet.

This unbreakable umbrella not only will keep you dry in a thunderstorm, but it can also save your life in unexpected situations. The Self-Defense Umbrella is a 100% legal self-defense tool that you can bring anywhere! The frame is made from durable fiberglass and can withstand up to 440.9 pounds (220 kg) of pressure!

Ideal for walking around dangerous neighborhoods, for home defense, and to keep stored in your car in case of an emergency.

Self-Defense Umbrella also has built in ultraviolet protection built in so it can be used as a sun-brella on sunny days! The tip of umbrella has rubber grip so it can be used as a walking cane.

Frame Material: fiberglass
Gender: Universal
Weight: 23.5oz
Length: Adjustable 85-93cm
Diameter: 102cm