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The Dom - Invincible 38mm Tungsten Carbide Watch

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There's really no easy way for me to say this -- but this watch defies the laws of what should be physically possible.  

I totally get it.  

If someone told me that a watch this beautifully reflective was impossible to scratch no matter what, I'd laugh at them.  Our staff here at Astor & Royce all laughed as well, but when we saw this watch withstand the fury of a high-speed commercial drill that could chew through a thick piece of wood in half a second, we knew we had to show you the video so you'd believe it:

The drill couldn't even put a tiny scratch on it.  Any attempts to stab or slash it failed miserably. The explosion of flame couldn't even make it blink.

These descriptions of what happened in our torture test seem more befitting of a tank than a watch with one of the highest reflective mirror finishes you'll ever see.

Designed with a special grade of Tungsten Carbide Steel that is a staggering 8X harder than regular steel, with a specially-selected pane of pure Sapphire crystal for the dial, this impossibly invulnerable watch runs with perfect precision no matter what explosions try to derail it.  With a pure quartz core that  drives perfect time precision up to a diving depth of 30 meters, wearing this watch is as close as it gets to being a real life Superman.

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Note: Product Color inaccuracy might be due to lighting effect of the camera being used.

Brand: DOM
Release Date: 2012
Watch Type: Quartz 
Watch Face: Sapphire Dial
Shape: Round Strap Material: Tungsten Carbide 
Clasp Description: Butterfly double snaps
Available colors: silver, black, gold
Function display: time, date
Dial diameter: 38mm Case
Thickness: 8mm
Band perimeter: 23cm
Watch Weight: 159g
Waterproof: 30m

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